Artistas: Joy Fahey
Categoría: Micro exposiciones
Fecha: 16 a 30 junio 2017
Prórroga: Hasta 31 julio 2017

Joy was born in Manchester, UK and now lives in Mijas Pueblo, Malaga, Spain.

She studied as a mature student in Fine Art at Manchester College of Art. After which she travelled to many countries and spent long periods of time in the USA, South Africa, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand.

This had a great impact and influence on the development of her artwork. She works in oil, acrylic and mixed media and she’s not afraid to explore new possibilities to discover interesting ways of expressing herself through colour, line and form adding a freedom to her painting.

Her paintings are always ambiguous, mysterious, and versatile and require the viewer to look into the subtle balance and emerging images so that they do not accrue to just mere ornamentation. Joy moved to Southern Spain in 2000 and set up an Art Studio to teach and paint

This was featured on the BBC TV Living in the Sun programme, filming one of her workshops; Joy has had many exhibitions both nationally and internationally and her paintings are hanging on walls in many countries across the world.

Joy now is the President of the Mijas Art Centre, in the historic and cultural town of Mijas Pueblo in Southern Spain where she has her studio and teaches classes and workshops.